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Welcome to our Pto


what is the midland school pto?

We are a parent organization at midland school in rochelle park. we are here to provide fun events and activities for the students during school and outside of school. we are always in need of volunteers and new ideas! 

Midland school pto executive board

Shawna Riordan, President

Jaime Gryctko, 1st VP

Cynthia Fuller, 2nd VP

Kristy Reilly, Corresponding Secretary       

Lori Lala, Recording Secretary

Sheryl Kurian, Treasurer                                


Mission Statement: 

Midland School PTO is organized for the purpose of supporting the education of the children at Midland School #1 by fostering relationships among school, parents, and teachers. This organization will also aid in the raising of funds to enrich every child's experience at Midland School #1.